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Vehicle Extrication Training

Vehicle Extrication Training and Lesson Plan
Are you responsible for vehicle extrication training in your department?  Are you still using the same techniques you did 20 years ago?
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Class Topics Include:

  • Vehicle Construction Terminology
  • Supplemental Restraint Systems
  • Patient Considerations
  • Tactics
  • Scene Safety
  • Vehicle Stabilization
  • Extrication Tools and Equipment
  • Basic Extrication Techniques
  • Advanced Extrication Techniques

Program Overview

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Vehicle Extrication Training Program

Compatible with Windows 2000 or newer operating systems

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In 1999 there were 6.3 million police reported MVAs involving 11 million vehicles.  94% of those vehicles involved were passenger cars or light trucks.  Are your personnel properly trained on the tactics necessary to perform vehicle extrications?

Advances in construction materials and technology have created some new “rules” when conducting vehicle extrications.  Although some of the standard techniques utilized years ago are still applicable, many are not.  For example, the introduction of safety systems such as air bags and pretensioners  have created hidden dangers to rescuers.  In addition, the use of lighter materials makes some older extrication techniques less effective.

From initial size-up to advanced extrication techniques, we cover all topics needed to rapidly and effectively manage vehicle rescue operations.  This program also focuses on the various hazards that supplemental restraint systems present to rescuers and the methods to reduce them.

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Vehicle Extrication Training Program

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