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Ropes and Knots Training

Ropes and Knots
Rope skills, while often overlooked, are critical to firefighter readiness.  Is it time for your department to review the basics with your personnel?
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Class Topics Include:

  • Construction Materials and Methods
    • Natural Fiber and Synthetic Rope Materials
    • Laid, Braided, Braid-on-Braid and Kernmantle Construction Methods

  • Knots
    • Overhand Safety
    • Half-Hitch
    • Clove Hitch
    • Becket Bend
    • Bowline
    • Figure Eight
    • Figure Eight on a Bight
    • Figure Eight Follow Through
    • Figure Eight Bend

  • Hoisting Techniques
    • Axes
    • Pike Poles
    • Ladders
    • Charged and Uncharged Hoselines
    • Saws, Smoke Ejectors and other Misc.
    • Equipment

  • Inspection and Maintenance Procedures
    • Cleaning Natural and Synthetic Fiber Ropes
    • Inspection Procedures
    • Rope Storage Methods and Practices

Program Overview

  • Over 150 animated slides
  • More than 80 photographs
  • Meets NFPA 1001 training objectives for ropes and knots
  • Instructor's Guide and student handouts are included in PDF format
  • Download a Demo
  • Download our catalog
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Ropes & Knots Training Program

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The ability to tie knots in the fire service is an important skill required by all personnel.  Knowing how to tie a knot at a crucial moment may someday save your life, or the life of another.  This training program takes the sometimes difficult task of learning these skills and breaks down tying each knot, step by step.  These step by step graphics helps the student learn each knot quickly and accurately. 

This comprehensive training program also covers methods of rope construction, construction materials, maintenance and storage, and hoisting techniques.

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Ropes & Knots Training Program


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