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Vehicle Extrication Training

The federal government has made great progress at reducing the fatality rate on America’s highways. Unfortunately, there is little or no consideration given to emergency responders. The automotive industry sells cars by enticing consumers with better mileage and keeping the occupants as safe as possible. Rescuers must stay abreast of these latest car technologies as well as the newest techniques for mitigating motor vehicle accidents.

As rescuers, we know that time is not on our side. We have an obligation to provide the patient with the best, most efficient care possible. Emergency Training Solutions can help.

The Emergency Training Solutions staff is proud of our 20-hour extrication program. This training program will challenge all levels of expertise within your organization. We keep abreast of the latest changes in the car and rescue industry via trade magazines, seminars, discussions with manufacturers and most importantly; practical experience.

Our program has two components: classroom and training ground scenarios. Our classroom session includes lecture on the following subjects:

  • Car Construction
  • Extrication Terminology
  • Occupant Protection Systems (OPS)
  • Patient Considerations
  • Strategic Goals
  • Scene Safety
  • Vehicle Stabilization
  • Extrication Tools and Equipment
  • Basic Extrication Techniques
  • Advanced Extrication Techniques

Upon completion of the classroom portion, the students will learn the practical aspects of vehicle extrication. Practical evolutions include vehicle stabilization, use of hand tools, and both basic and advanced techniques.

The class will then be given real life practical scenarios designed to challenge everyone, from the youngest rookie to the most seasoned firefighter. As no two accidents are alike, we take great pride in developing scenarios that make everyone think outside the box. An emphasis is put on working with the NIMS system and fire ground communication.

In addtion to our 20 hour program we can offer a variety of options to your department to fulfill your extrication training needs. Please contact us for additional details.


For more information, or to book an Vehicle Extrication class, please email or call 877-644-4408 x87.