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Occupant Protection Systems Training

This training is designed to provide familiarity with the operating principals of Occupant Protection Systems found in today’s vehicles.

Understanding this type of safety equipment is a critical part of all emergency training. Without the proper knowledge of airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, and other protection systems, rescuers may place themselves in danger when responding to motor vehicle accidents and conducting extrication operations. Newer airbag systems such as dual stage and advanced airbags are also covered in this training program.

The instructor will present a PowerPoint presentation with over 100 animated slides, including video segments. The deployment of a live airbag will also be demonstrated.

Class Topics:

  • Types of Vehicle Air Bags
  • Operating Principals
  • Deactivation Methods
  • Safety Practices
  • Pretensioner Systems
  • Automatic Roll Bar Systems
  • Deployment of Live Air Bag


For more information, or to book an Occupant Protection Systems class, please email or call 877-644-4408 x87.