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New Vehicle Technologies Training

Course Overview

  • Did you know that there are nearly 30 different hybrid models on the road today?
  • Are you ready to respond to a motor vehicle incident involving a hybrid?
  • Are your members aware of the unique dangers surrounding these vehicles and how to minimize the risk to both themselves and victims?
  • Are your personnel familiar with the new types of occupant protection systems found in vehicles and how to handle them?

ETS offers a comprehensive Hybrid Vehicle Response Program designed specifically for Emergency Responders. The hybrid training is part of our New Vehicles Technologies” program, which also addresses Vehicle Occupant Protection Systems such as airbags, seatbelt pretensioners and rollover protection systems.

The information outlined in this program is carefully arranged into a clear and concise layout to facilitate easier understanding and retention of the material.

This program is approximately four hours and includes PowerPoint presentations with over 200 image filled slides.

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Hybrid Vehicle Training

This program has been delivered to numerous emergency services organizations with very positive feedback. It has also been presented at the NY “Vital Signs” conference and the hybrid vehicle portion of the class has been featured at Fire Engineering's Fire Departments Instructor’s Conference (FDIC) in Indianpolis for the last two years.

Throughout the training program, the Instructor will dispel some of the commonly held myths surrounding hybrid vehicle extrications. Emergency personnel will be educated on the unique dangers and learn how to minimize the risk to both themselves and victims.

From an in-depth look at the technology in hybrids to response procedures, this training covers everything needed to operate safely and effectively around hybrids. Discussions of how hybrids impact on-scene operations from safety, to vehicle fires to extrications will be empahsized. We will also review case studies of actual incidents involving hybrids.

Hybrid Vehicles - Class Topics

  Introduction to Hybrid Vehicles

Types of Hybrids


Current Models


Future Models


Current Sales Stats


Gasoline Engine & Electric Motor Relationship

  Identification Methods




  Hybrid Vehicle Systems

Gasoline Engine


Electric Motor & Generator System


High Voltage Batteries


Electrical Distribution System


Automatic Safety Shutdown


System Operation

  General Hazards

High Voltage Hazards


Battery/Chemical Hazards


SRS Hazards


Standard Gas Engine Hazards


Safety & Response Procedures


Vehicle Accidents & Extrications


Vehicle Fires


Submerged Vehicles

  Case Studies

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Occupant Protection Systems Training

To fully address the subject of New Vehicle Technologies, there is also a comprehensive discussion on Vehicle Occupant Protection Systems. The program focuses on their impact to extrication operations and the safety of emergency response personnel.

There will be an emphasis on how both of these technologies will affect the overall response techniques and procedures that we currently utilize as an industry.

Occupant Protection Systems - Class Topics

  Introduction to Occupant Protection Systems
  Supplemental Restraint Systems (Airbags)

Types & Locations


Detection of Airbags


Components of an Airbag System


Operating Principles

  Seatbelt Pretensioners

Pretensioner Types


Detecting Pretensioners


Operating Principles

  Rollover Protection Systems (ROPS)

Detecting ROPS


Operating Principles

  Response Procedures and Deactivation Methods
  The Future of Occupant Protection Systems

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Customer Testimonials:

"ETS recently conducted a Hybrid Vehicle & Occupant Protection Systems class for our Department. Instructors were knowledgeable, professional, and the class was very organized. My personnel walked away with a greater appreciation of new vehicle technologies, and an understanding of how to safely respond to incidents involving these types of vehicles."

Chief Tim Batchelor - West Brookfield (MA) Fire Department

"The entire Executive Board and I would like to join together in thanking you for a wonderful seminar. You did an excellent job; everyone was thoroughly impressed and left knowing a lot more about Hybrid vehicles than they ever imagined. They were mesmerized. I have heard nothing but praises in the days that followed. The turnout was more than we would have hoped for and we’d love to have you back next year to do another class."

Linda Peiffer, Executive Director – Garden State Towman's Association

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Class Pricing

Please contact us for a customized New Vehicle Technologies Training proposal.

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Training Materials

The Host Department will receive a binder containting:

  • Sample Hybrid Vehicle SOP
  • Current copies of Hybrid Emergency Response Guides, as prepared by car manufacturers.

Each student will receive:

  • Quick-reference sheet on current hybrid models
  • Student workbook
  • Certificate of completion, upon the completion of a 20-question quiz

We provide a hybrid vehicle and an airbag for deployment if the class is within a reasonable travel distance from our offices. If we are unable to bring our hybrid vehicle due to distance, the host department is encouraged to secure one from a local dealer. ETS instructors will review items particular to that model with students.

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Schedule a Class or Request Information

For more information, please contact Chris Pepler, Director of Training at 877-644-4408 x87 or at

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Instructor Bios

Jason Emery

Jason Emery, owner and founder of ETS is the lead Hybrid Vehicle instructor. A 19 year veteran of the fire service, he has been a career firefighter with the City of Waterbury (CT) for the past fifteen years. Jason has been assigned to the City’s Rescue and Hazmat Company for fourteen years, and is currently a Lieutenant on the Rescue Company. He also serves as a volunteer EMT for his hometown ambulance service.

Jason has been a certified fire service instructor since 1997 and is a member of the International Society of Fire Service Instructors (ISFSI). He is also an instructor for the Burrville Regional Fire Training School (CT).

Jason has lectured extensively on the subject of Hybrid Vehicles and Vehicle Occupant Protection Systems and has lectured on hybrid vehicles at FDIC ’08 & ‘09. Jason has also written articles on the subject in Fire Chief Magazine and Fire Engineering Magazine. In addition, he is a monthly contributor to Fire Engineering’s Extrication Zone, primarily on the subject of hybrid vehicles.

Pennwell Corporation recently selected Jason Emery and ETS to be the lead developer for the PowerPoint companion materials for the upcoming Fire Engineering Handbook for Firefighter I and II.

Jason is a graduate of the University of New Haven with a bachelor’s degree in Fire Science, and holds numerous fire service certifications. He can be reached at

Jason Rivera

Jason Rivera brings over 17 years of fire service experience. He was a volunteer firefighter in NJ for six years, and then became a career civilian firefighter on an army base. He has worked on the Stamford (CT) Fire Department since 1998. At Stamford, he worked on the Rescue, first as a firefighter then as a Lieutenant. Jason currently serves as Captain of Engine 4.

Jason is a certified Fire Officer II, Fire Instructor II, Haz-Mat Tech, Rescue SCUBA Diver, and holds many other certifications in other fire, hazmat and rescue specialties.

Jason is an instructor at the Stamford Regional Fire Training School and developed the hybrid vehicle program used to instruct all firefighters and EMS personnel in the City. He has also been heavily involved with the research, development and delivery of the ETS Hybrid Vehicle and Occupant Protection Systems programs.

Jason currently serves as the volunteer Chief of the Newtown (CT) Fire Department. He can be reached at

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