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Onsite Training Programs

Our philosophy at Emergency Training Solutions, LLC (ETS) is simple; we believe education is key in maintaining safety and ensuring effective emergency response.

In addition to training program development, we are also dedicated to providing quality onsite training to the emergency service industry.

  • Our team consists only of experienced firefighters and fire service instructors.
  1. We strive to provide well organized training sessions to make the most of our limited time with our personnel.
  • We do not believe in a “one size fits all approach” and will adapt the training program to the specific needs of your organization to increase overall effectiveness.

Please contact us if you are interested in hosting a class, or want more information about the following onsite training services.

Please visit this page again soon as we will be adding new classes and class descriptions.

Download an informational flyer.

Firefighting Classes
  Basic Rapid Intervention Teams
  Advanced Rapid Intervention Teams
  Building Construction
  Self Contained Breathing Apparatus
Rescue Classes
  Vehicle Extrication
  Vehicle Occupant Protection Systems
  Responding to Hybrid Vehicle Incidents
  Pneumatic Rescue
Hazardous Materials Classes
  Hazmat Operational
  Hazmat Awareness
  Hazmat Refresher
  Basic Metering



For more information about these classes or any other training needs you have, please contact us via email or call 877-644-4408.