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Hazmat Operational Training

Responders performing defensive operations at hazmat incidents are required by law to be trained to the Operational level.  This lesson plan meets and exceeds both OSHA 1910.120 and NFPA 472 (2002 ed.) training standards to provide your responders with the most effective training possible.

The OSHA 1910.120 standard outlines the minimal training required of each employee that has the potential of witnessing or discovering a hazmat incident.   These individuals include firefighters, police officers, emergency medical personnel, security guards, and certain industrial workers.

From scene size-up to planning and performing defensive operations, this training program will walk the student through the Operational-level duties of personnel responding to hazmat incidents.

This program will consist of a total of 32 hours of training. The first 24 hours will be conducted in a classroom environment with the final 8 hours dedicated to practical skills and scenario based evaluations.

Our classroom session includes lecture on the following subjects:

  • Introduction to Hazmat Operational
  • Analyzing the Incident
  • Survey the Scene
  • Collect Hazard and Response Information
  • Determine the Behavior of the Material
  • Plan the Response
  • Implement the Response
  • Hazmat Operational Review

The 8-hour practical skill day will consist of a morning session where students will practice skills such as donning and doffing, protective equipment, diking and damming, and other operational-level skills. The afternoon session will be dedicated to a full hazmat response scenario where students will be able to apply these skills in a real-life situation.

To receive a certification the student must pass both a written exam and practical skills evaluations.


For more information, or to book a Hazardous Materials Operational class, please email or call 877-644-4408 x87.