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PowerPoint designers for Fire Engineering's new Handbook for Firefighter I and II.

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Welcome to Emergency Training Solutions - providers of quality PowerPoint based firefighting, rescue, and hazmat training materials and lesson plans.

Each one of our programs is designed by active duty fire fighters and fire service instructors. This combination allows us to provide training materials which are both informative and practical.

Attention: We changed method of program delivery to reduce costs. This cost savings will be passed on to our customers. Our programs are now only available via download using our automated system.

Departments wishing to utilize purchase orders or company check can still do so. The download link will be forwarded to you once the order has been confirmed.


Now Available

Hybrid Vehicle Extrication


Onsite Hybrid Vehicle Training Available!

We offer onsite training seminars and training programs.
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Comprehensive Firefighting, Hazmat and Rescue training packages