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Friction Force Forcible Entry Training System

ETS teaming with Red Barn Innovations, makers of the Friction Force Forcible Entry Door System

ETS and Friction Force are combining forces to bring you the most effective forcible entry training package on the market today.

By combining a comprehensive PowerPoint based training program with the unparalleled ability to provide effective hands on practical evolutions, your department will be ready to tackle any door.

Onsite training with your Friction Force door is also available. Please contact us for additional information.

Friction Force Door Prop
ETS Forcible Entry Training Program


The Friction Force Forcible Entry Training Door was designed by firefighters with the knowledge of the punishment that they put on their equipment. Fire Fighters train like they work. Most other training props cannot withstand the constant full force that is required.


Friction Force Forcible Entry Training Door with its unique patented friction device can be set to simulate a variety of door types with 3000 psi available. The pressure ratings were determined by extensive field testing on actual doors in a variety of settings.


Friction Force Forcible Entry Training Door is designed to allow for all aspects of forcible entry. Even the baseball swing can be performed using this product.


Adjustments can be made on this product with a simple turn of the handle. No tools required.

For more information on the Friction Force door system either contact us or visit their website

Emergency Training Solutions, LLC - Forcible Entry Program

Due to be released and packaged with the Friction Force door in June 2008, this program will address all aspects of conventional and through-the-lock forcible entry techniques.

With over 175 slides this program covers the following subjects in step by step detail:

  • Introduction to Forcible Entry
  • Forcible entry methods
  • Sizing up the building
  • "Job descriptions" of forcible entry firefighters
  • Tactical issues and concerns that firefighters must address
  • Discussion of tools related to forcible entry operations including conventional and through-the-lock equipment
  • Forcible Entry Techniques
  • Sizing up the door and locks - including high security devices
  • Determining the appropriate entry method:
  • Conventional forcible entry methods
  • Inward swinging doors
  • Outward swinging doors
  • Baseball swing technique
  • Use of hydraulic and power tools
  • Through-the-lock entry methods
  • Tubular deadbolts
  • Mortise locks
  • Rim locks
  • Pivoting Deadbolts
  • High security locks
This program will also be available independently of the Friction Force Door System. Click here if you wish to be notified when the program is released.